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Art of YOU

Let's get messy together!

 I invite you to the Art of YOU.

You are doing the work. Diving deep into your healing using your tools that are supporting the process. You have made tremendous progress. This is cause for CELEBRATION! Yet, it feels like there is something missing. What is it? Does this sound like you?




Art of YOU takes the healing to the next level through connecting to your inner children, littles. Your inner children hold the key to deeper healing. By building a safe relationship with your littles and communicating with them they will bring to light areas that need healing. When we experience trauma as children we create stories about the circumstances to survive. We unconsciously bring these stories into our adult life and these stories guide our actions and behaviors. When you shine a light on these antiquated stories you can take steps to change what no longer supports you. 

A guided meditation will help you to connect to your inner children, littles. The next step is to get messy and play with paint and the canvas to create a visual representation of the words, feelings, and images your inner child shares with you. When you connect through all your senses you are creating an environment for greater healing. 


Choose you and sign up.

Color Stain

Inner Child

My inner child was over joyed to communicate with me. She has felt seen, heard, and witnessed. This is her expression of gratitude and appreciation.



This painting represents the peaceful and free flowing feeling I felt after my conversation with my inner child. The greens and blues are calming and serene.



This is the start of my connection with myself, my inner child. I spent time speaking to her and after we played with paint. Her joy came through.

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